An unforgettable surprise

An unforgettable surprise

It was a sunny and perfect day for an adventure, Grace Ann finally was going to fulfill her dream of swimming with dolphins, while Odale, her boyfriend, had in mind a surprise that she would never forget, but no one really knew how the plans of a man in love would end.

Years ago, Grace Ann and Odale met while attending college. Sometimes, they would find each other by chance, walking at the same time through the halls of Northem Caribbean University, since then, he felt something special for that girl who smiled as she passed by.

The years passed but he never had the courage to approach and talk to her. After finishing his degree, Odale left the school while Grace Ann stayed to continue her studies and then work for the university.

Fate was responsible for giving them a second chance. This time they were united to have a great friendship that little by little, turned into a beautiful love relationship. They were madly in love with each other.

Four years after the first look, there he was, thinking of the ideal way to ask Grace Ann to spend the rest of their days side by side. One of her greatest dreams was to get close enough to dolphins, so Odale knew that, instead of a classic dinner, an encounter with these beautiful creatures would be suitable for asking her hand in marriage.

It was through a Facebook’s message that Dolphin Discovery got to know about this situation. Odale contacted to ask if it was possible to arrange a marriage proposal in one of the locations, and of course everyone got excited and wanted to participate.

So everything was arranged for June 19th. Grace and Odale reached one of the locations in Grand Cayman. That morning, nervous and very excited, he kept in a backpack a “Will you marry me?” sign, and the engagement ring.

When the time came, Grace Ann was very happy to swim with dolphins. So the program went on, and Odale went first to do the foot push, as he knew that he had to be on the shore to prepare everything for the big surprise.

Everything was ready, for Grace would have the experience of her life. While she was racing on the water with the help of the dolphins, she saw her boyfriend on the shore with a sign asking her to marry him. When she reached the shore, Odale took her hand and showed her the engagement ring. Then the words just came out of his mouth: “would you marry me?”

Grace Ann knew it would be a day full of adventure and excitement, but she never imagined that morning telling the love of her life “Yes, I will marry you” while dolphins jumping and playing with them. It was then, that Odale and Grace Ann had an experience that united their lives.

Welcome Dolphin Cove Cayman to our family

Welcome Dolphin Cove Cayman to our family

We are thrilled to announce that Dolphin Discovery Cayman completed the acquisition of Dolphin Cove Cayman, a  beautiful marine park that began operations in 2008 which is visited by locals and tourist, wishing to have a unique experience of swimming with dolphins.

In addition to the dolphin interactive program Dolphin Cove also offers a “Nature Trail”, which is a tour where you can see and learn about exotic tropical birds including mecaws, caclatoos and parakeets, as well as visit the world famous ” “, in boats that conveniently depart from their private dock at Dolphin Cove.

“We are really proud to add Dolphin Cove Cayman, as a part of offing which will allow us consolidate our service in one of the most beautiful and visited places in the Caribbean: The Cayman Islands”, said Eduardo Albor, Dolphin Discovery President and CEO.

Meanwhile Stafford Burrowes, Dolphin Cove Cayman Founder commented:

“Dolphin Cove started operations in Ocho Rios Jamaica in 2001, and we started in Cayman in 2008 because we knew that this destination had great potential in the tourism sector and that the dolphinarium would be a key attraction for their visitors. Last month, we sold a majority stake of Dolphin Cove Jamaica to Dolphin Discovery and we then took the decision to sell, Dolphin Cove Cayman, to Dolphin Discovery Cayman.  This acquisition will allow consolidation of this dolphinarium as part of the leading company in swimming with dolphins programs worldwide.”

About Dolphin Cove Cayman

With more than 40 employees, most of them locals, Dolphin Cove Cayman is located in Grand Cayman Island in a natural environment facing the ocean and is home of 6 dolphins. From 2008 to day, the dolphinarium have received more than   300,000 visitors.

Dolphin Discovery Cayman Highlights of May!

Dolphin Discovery Cayman Highlights of May!

Norceca Volleyball Players

On April 22nd and 24th we welcomed the top volleyball players from around the world that came to Cayman for the Annual Norceca Volleyball Tournament. We hosted some of the most recognizable players in Beach Volleyball like Todd Rogers playing for the USA Team which took 1st Place. We had teams from different countries coming from USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Peru, Ecuador, Barbados, Costa Rica among many more. Great Volleyball Weekend!

Dolphins and Me!

On April 8th, we received a group of 17 students + 3 adults that came for our Dolphin’s and Me program from Triple C School. Our educational programs are growing in popularity as its becoming annual trip for many local and private schools. They all received an educational pre-orientation and an in water experience with the baby dolphin Lucky!

10,000 Smiles Event (#10MilSonrisas)

On Saturday April 26th Dolphin Discovery greeted many kids who donated toys to be later distributed to those less fortunate. Kids enjoyed many fun activities and treats like swimming with dolphins, painting, face painting, crafts, games, popcorn and cotton candy. Dolphin Discovery Cayman is now being well recognized by the local community as one of the companies providing the most social responsibility, and hosting charitable event.

Dolphin Discovery brings a ton of help to Cayman’s Beaches

Dolphin Discovery brings a ton of help to Cayman’s Beaches

Last week, Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman joined the biggest ecological event of the year: “The International Coastal Cleanup, September 22th 2013″, and we are so thankful for all the support that helped us to clean up Cayman’s Beaches.

We were able to collect about 2,649 pounds of trash between Bodden Town Beach and Barefoot Beach East End. That’s alot!

What we want the most is to create awareness in people and change their habits in order to reduce pollution of our beautiful beaches.
Next year we hope everybody join this movement that promotes healthy living and is also good for the whole community. Remember that we all breathe the same air.

Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman Accredited by AMMPA

Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman Accredited by AMMPA

AMMPADolphin Discovery Grand Cayman is celebrating this week after receiving accreditation by AMMPA (Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums).  The hard work, dedication and devotion of every member of the staff is to be commended, a hearty congratulations to the whole team for their passion in making Dolphin Discovery the number one dolphin experience in the world!

“The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums is an international association representing marine life parks, aquariums, zoos, research facilities, and professional organizations dedicated to the highest standards of care for marine mammals and to their conservation in the wild through public education, scientific study, and wildlife presentations……..The Alliance administers a stringent accreditation process for its members. Accredited members must uphold Alliance Standards and Guidelines to optimize the psychological and physical health of, and environmental conditions for, individual marine mammals under their care, and to maximize the educational and scientific value of their collections as a whole. – AMMPA

Dolphin Discovery is dedicated to providing the highest standards of care to all our marine animals in addition to maintaining a clean, safe and welcoming environment for our guests.  Our interactive dolphin programs are designed to be educational as well as fun, sharing our knowledge of these amazing marine animals and discussing the importance of conservation and the environment.  Every member of the Dolphin Discovery team strives to be the best and to get better everyday, from our reservations department to the trainers to the veterinarians to the maintenance crew, ensuring the health and well being of the animals in our care and the enjoyment of our guests.  The AMMPA accreditation acknowledges the efforts of everyone at Dolphin Discovery, it is an honor to be recognized by this esteemed organization.  Congrats team!

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