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Learn About Dolphin’s World

Interesting and new information about the Dolphin's World can be found on the Dolphin Discovery blog! What is a dolphin? A dolphin is an aquatic mammal that is considered a cetacean. This aquatic animal is considered a mammal because of these 5 characteristics: they...

Dolphins in Florida, a great adventure!

One of the main attractions in Florida are the theme parks, there are many different type of parks but one of the most populars are the marine ones like Gulf World Marine Park, where you can not only see the animals in their habitats, you can also create a bond of love and respect through the interaction experience such as swimming with dolphins.

Manatees: 10 interesting facts

The Manatees are the gentle giants of the ocean, as a matter of fact they are very friendly creatures, and those who have had the joy of meeting face to face with a manatee can tell you that we are not lying. We are sure that this cute friends will steal your heart in...


It’s time to raise awareness, the vaquita is in real danger at the point of asking if there is a future for this species. According to experts, yes, the vaquita still has an opportunity.

Dolphins under human care

We have heard a lot about dolphins under human care, however, do we really know what is this about?, Do we really know the dolphin needs?, Have we taken the time to investigate and analyze the benefits? It is very important to know in detail this topic that has...

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