We have heard a lot about dolphins under human care, however, do we really know what is this about?, Do we really know the dolphin needs?, Have we taken the time to investigate and analyze the benefits?

It is very important to know in detail this topic that has generated great debates and that has not been deepened to answer all the questions above.

That’s why you share important and realistic information about what are “DOLPHINS under human care.”


Dolphins eat 11 to 13 kilos of fish a day, a tenth of their body weight. When a dolphin is under human care, specialists take measurements and weight very often to generate a balanced and specific diet for the marine mammal.

Each dolphin has its own diet, which means they eat different amounts and types of fish a day. Everything depends on different aspects, if they need to gain weight, lose weight or if they get sick.

It is important to mention that the food is pre-selected, cleaned and disinfected to be in perfect condition when handed over to the dolphins.


The spaces where dolphins live are much larger than those that are dictated by law. These are pre-selected, reviewed and constantly monitored so that they are in perfect conditions.

Normally they are in natural areas, but when this is not possible, artificial habitats have been created so dolphins can live there. It is worth to mention that these habitats have all the terms and seawater so that they are in a comfortable environment.

In either case of habitats, they are always accompanied by other dolphins to live and wildlife.


Veterinarians and marine mammal specialists are not the only ones to help the dolphins. There is a very important part in the lives of these beautiful mammals and its… YOU! The dolphins are always learning from everything around them and love to have fun, play and interact with humans.

For dolphins, human interaction is very important as it becomes a routine that gives them sustenance and security.


For all the above, a dolphin is healthier, both mentally and psychologically, and that is summarized in a longer and better quality of life.

It is important to remember that in the wild dolphins seek their food, it is sometimes necessary to swim kilometers to find in that search may face other marine species that may damage them, and they would not have the medical care they require.

That is why when receiving a balanced diet, be monitored every day 24 hours, socialize with others of their own species and humans, and receive necessary medical care, gives them a better and longer life, reaching up to 50 years or more.

For more information we invite you to visit the site www.dolphindiscovery.org where you will find a list of MYTHS vs. FACTS of these mammals or live a closer experience in any of our dolphinariums.

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