Dolphin Discovery Group was partying last February 12 celebrating five years in Los Cabos. With more than 450 guests, the celebration was filled with joy, smiles and surprises.

The party started with a photo shoot on the red carpet and then the guests were invited to enjoy various snacks and drinks. Among our guests were:

  • Lic. Daniel Uribe Tourism General Director of Los Cabos.
  • Prof. René Hernández Dir. Regional de la SEP.
  • Alfredo Sosa Artist.
  • ​Cuauhtémoc ​​Girón AMSTAR​ General Manager.
  • Jorge Chan Nexus General Sales Manager.
  • Carlos Luévanos Trafic Tours General Manager.
  • Jesús González Transcabo General Manager.
  • Efrén Archundia ​Locaciones street CSL General Promotor.
  • José Manuel Piña Grand Mayan Los Cabos MKT Manager.
  • América Olvera Hotel Beds Sales Manager.
  • Carolina Flores Gerente Villas del Palmar Referral Program Manager.
  • Zulema Navarro Coral Baja General Manager.
  • Alma Crystal Castillo Coral Baja Manager reception and activities desk.
  • Alejandro Flores Llaves de ​Oro ​​Palmilla Chief Concierges.
  • Ricardo Rico ​President of the Association of ​Concierge of Los Cabos.

The event began with some thankful words from the General and Commercial Management for these 5 years of support. Also, a recognition to Lic. Daniel Uribe, General Director of Tourism was made and who also directed a few words to the public.

In the same way, the “Dolphin Awards” were carried out, where recognition was handed to winners for their great work. Following this delivery, an incredible circus-like show began, which paid tribute to the highest grossing films in history, flooding the room with laughter and smiles.

We can say that the evening was a great success!  We thank all those who attended this amazing event and who have accompanied us over 5 years.

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