Nothing can be compared to the innocence of a child and the joy that is reflected when they smile, this is why Dolphin Discovery tries to ensure the happiness of the Mexican kids.

10,000 smiles is a program that raises funds every year when the Children’s Day is close, to support different foundations in favor of children in Mexico. Since 3 years ago, this program has been performed with great success, and each year we innovate with different dynamics of donations.

Every edition of the program has managed to support several foundations such as DIF and ADANEC Foundation. Both, with their great altruistic work, are always willing to help children in need.

In 2014 the Foundation “Nobody gives up”, which treats kids with cancer, was chosen to receive the donation collected in this program. Moreover, in 2015, thanks to the10,000 smiles donation of 850,000 pesos, children of low economic resources with heart alterations were put in touch with ADANEC Foundation, having a total of 10 successful surgeries.

With this and many other actions, Dolphin Discovery reaffirms its commitment to the community, with Dolphin Discovery Foundation helping to improve the quality of life for the Mexican children.

Congratulations Dolphin Discovery!

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