Cassandra De Pecol visited Dolphin Discovery

Cassandra De Pecol visited Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery recently had the honor of having a very special guest, Cassandra De Pecol, a young woman that a year ago aims to travel and see the world promoting her strongest ideals, “Tourism promotes peace.”

Cassandra De Pecol says that knowing other cities in the way that you do when you travel, without prejudice, get to know the true essence of the country, the warmth of its people and the diversity it has to offer. She also proposes that if instead only heard what the media reflect we will have a vision of a totally alien to us person.

That way, on her 25 birthday she realized this problem and decided to take actions, got Sponsors and she created a project named “Expedition 196”  to spread her vision of promoting peace through tourism planting a tree in each country she visited, also attending and giving conferences at universities and colleges students mostly from Tourism Career.

For this purpose she visited Cancun Mexico on Wednesday February 27 2016 to promote their views and experiences at Anahuac University, and also visited the Isla Mujeres location, being amazed by the great work we do there. Toured the facility and got a totally different point of dolphins born under human care.

Between adventure, tenderness and curiosity, Cassie was guided by the social network’s team of Dolphin Discovery during his tour, a tool that she think is the strongest to promote peace in the world thanks to the immediacy and versatility of social networks.

We love meeting new friends and hope that Cassie comes back soon. Yey!

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