Dolphin Discovery running race 8.0

Dolphin Discovery running race 8.0

This past sunday 31, the Eight Dolphin Discovery running race took place at Puerto Aventuras, organized by “Fundación Dolphin Discovery” leadered by Bibiana Alvarez. She who worked hand by hand with “Transformar Educando” and managed to collect more than 85 thousand pesos which will be used for the construction of a multipurpose park in the town of Puerto Aventuras.

It is worth to mention that there were more than 500 runners who gathered last Sunday at 8am with an energetic and winning attitude, but mostly willing to contribute their bit in this noble cause.

With distances from 400 meters for the smallest and up to 10km for the experts, a homely atmosphere was felt by everyone. In addition, there were more than 50 thousand pesos in prizes from the distinguished sponsors.

This race had different categories. 10 km for men and women, Master for people between 40 and 49 years old and Veterans for people above 50 years old in which Guadalupe Meza Maldonado made a surprisingly time of 51 minutes. Among the little ones, María José Frías Santos and Charlie León Flores shined as they made less than 4 minutes.

Besides participating and supporting a community of scarce resource, all attendees had the opportunity to  meet the professional runner Isis Breiter who was noted by her presence and charisma during the award ceremony.

A race full of fun, support and good wishes to change the world one community at a time was made with success. Furthermore, we are confident that the next year there will be more surprises and more people will support another good cause.

Cassandra De Pecol visited Dolphin Discovery

Cassandra De Pecol visited Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery recently had the honor of having a very special guest, Cassandra De Pecol, a young woman that a year ago aims to travel and see the world promoting her strongest ideals, “Tourism promotes peace.”

Cassandra De Pecol says that knowing other cities in the way that you do when you travel, without prejudice, get to know the true essence of the country, the warmth of its people and the diversity it has to offer. She also proposes that if instead only heard what the media reflect we will have a vision of a totally alien to us person.

That way, on her 25 birthday she realized this problem and decided to take actions, got Sponsors and she created a project named “Expedition 196”  to spread her vision of promoting peace through tourism planting a tree in each country she visited, also attending and giving conferences at universities and colleges students mostly from Tourism Career.

For this purpose she visited Cancun Mexico on Wednesday February 27 2016 to promote their views and experiences at Anahuac University, and also visited the Isla Mujeres location, being amazed by the great work we do there. Toured the facility and got a totally different point of dolphins born under human care.

Between adventure, tenderness and curiosity, Cassie was guided by the social network’s team of Dolphin Discovery during his tour, a tool that she think is the strongest to promote peace in the world thanks to the immediacy and versatility of social networks.

We love meeting new friends and hope that Cassie comes back soon. Yey!

Celebrating the conservation of a great treasure: The manatees

Celebrating the conservation of a great treasure: The manatees


Dolphin Discovery and the National Day of the Manatee

What animal is this? Is it like a sea lion? Does it look like a dolphin? These are some of the dozens of questions we hear from our guests every day at Dolphin Discovery about the manatees. Sometimes they are called “sea cows” or “marine elephants”, we simply call them by their name, manatee.

Mexico, especially the state of Quintan Roo, should be proud to have this species in the region. It’s an animal that can weigh almost one tonne, it’s movements in the water are slow and it has no natural predator except, like many other species, human beings which are its largest threat. Their diet is exclusively vegetarian and they do not have visible teeth like the dolphin. Their need to breathe air at the surface of the water has led to hundreds of manatee deaths due to the impact of the propellers of boats and the dangers of fishing nets. Dolphin Discovery uses this as inspiration to celebrate the National Day of the Manatee every September 7 as a commemorative event and opportunity to educate the next generations about our work and to invite youth to make the manatees are a part of their lives too.

Thanks to the efforts of institutions like Colegio Frontera Sur and Dolphin Discovery, every year information about these marine mammals is shared with hundreds of people. The meeting occurs in Chetumal, the center of the celebrations of this important day. Dolphin Discovery Coordinator of Environmental Education Rosario Garcia and two of her team members travel to the state capital to work with the team of Dr. Benjamin Morales in providing two days of free activities. The Environmental Education team is coordinated by the subdirection of trainers group, Edgar Urbina, Manuel Garduño and Alex Mata which attends the most relevant national and international events related to the environment.

During the two days there are numerous delightful activities for children and adults; gifts, murals, direct  interaction with the biologists, creating art with recycled materials, an endless series of moments dedicated to inspiring the next generation of caregivers to our planet to conserve the species and create a consciousness about the use of natural resources.

The biggest threat to the manatee is the contamination of the natural lagoons, pollution is destroying the areas and the availability of food sources is diminishing because of human irresponsibility. Dolphin Discovery will not stand idly by, in our ten locations in Mexico we demonstrate to our guests the fragility of the species and the large quantity of waste and garbage that ends up in the ocean and lagoons.

The texture of a plastic bag underwater is almost the same as marine algae and the poor vision of the manatee does not allow it to distinguish between the two. This is just one of dozens of examples of why we need to care about how we live our daily lives.

Dolphin Discovery is home to 11 manatees, 4 of which were born in our installations and others that have been rescued as in the case of Robert. Only two days old and orphaned, he was brought to our Puerto Aventuras location where the Grupo Dolphin family of manatees along with trainers and veterinarians raised him. Now everyone can meet him in our natural lagoon.

In just two days of the events in Chetumal, 150 children participated in the educational programs of Dolphin Discovery on September 7, and a total of 420 children visited our Day of the Manatee displays which, without a doubt, will leave them with a grand impression of this animal and the importance of conservation.

Albert Einstein said “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.”

Dolphin Discovery Cozumel celebrates its 15th anniversary and gave an award to the visitor number 1 Million.

Dolphin Discovery Cozumel celebrates its 15th anniversary and gave an award to the visitor number 1 Million.

Dolphin Discovery Cozumel celebrated its 15th anniversary last Friday, and as part of the celebration, it was the location who hosted the Adams family to be awarded with a certificate of 1 million dolphin swims for two people, which they can use at any of our national and International locations.

The Adams family was greeted with cocktails and mariachis while they were getting off from the Allure of the Seas cruise in Cozumel, so they were informed that they were the visitor number 1 million in Dolphin Discovery.

With a huge smile of joy and surprise, they were transported in a limousine to our dolphinarium at Cozumel, where they were welcomed with mariachis and our friendly staff.

Subsequently, they gave them their 1 million dolphin swim certificate with a small ceremony by some authorities from our major corporate and some important authorities from Cozumel Island.

Then we enjoyed our traditional cupcake’s cake, finishing the cake, the Adams family made the Royal Swim program, enjoying the “upgrade” from Swim Adeventure to Royal Swim and then they made the manatee encounter.

The Adams family could not hide their happiness for being the lucky winners of this award, besides the couple was celebrating his 15th anniversary together with their children on that trip.

Definitely this was the best gift they could have. Congratulations!



Welcome to Dolphin Playa!

Welcome to Dolphin Playa!

With a modern lagoon of over 2,000 square meters of water surface, Dolphin Discovery just opened its new location in Maroma Beach, located in Playa del Carmen.


The pool has a depth of 4 meters with 6.5 million liters of sea water, equipped with cutting-edge technology of Air Purifiers it is considered as the largest pool of its kind in Latin America.

Dolphin Discovery Playa del Carmen is home of 7 dolphins: Morelos, John, Pakal, Merlin, Colon, Hidalgo and Danny, all born under human care thanks to our successful breeding program. This is our fourth Miracle® dolphinarium.


Dolphin Discovery Playa del Carmen in numbers:

  • 13th Dolphinarium by Dolphin Discovery
  • Dolphins Number: 7
  • Dolphins Capacity: 14
  • Approximate capacity of guests: 350 people
  • Utilities: snack bar, restaurant, lockers, showers, observation areas, WiFi, souvenir shop and photographs.
  • Land Area: 5,000 square meters.
  • Water area: 2,200 square meters.


Dolphin Discovery: Education Outreach in Cozumel

Dolphin Discovery: Education Outreach in Cozumel

dolphin underwater cozumel

Dolphin Discovery is the place to interact with marine mammals, enjoy some sunshine in paradise and live a unique vacation experience. But we are really so much more than that. Dolphin Discovery constantly strives to educate and raise consciousness of the importance of the conservation and preservation of the ecology of the planet and all its animal inhabitants. One of our favourite things to do is visit the local communities to invite the children to learn about marine mammals, the environment and how they can contribute to conservation.  We learn as much from these incredible kids as they do from us, their smiles and laughter light up our day!



This month Dolphin Discovery Cozumel was thrilled to spend some time with the kids from the local primary school “Vicente Guerrero”, teaching these youngsters all about dolphins. Our educators first paid a visit to the school, sharing a fun and educational presentation with two different groups of students. We then invited the classes to visit our facilities where they were given a “behind the scenes” tour to see how everything works, from selecting the fish for the dolphin diet to enjoying the sea lion show and meeting the manatees. We would like to thank the teachers and students for sharing the experience with us, we look forward to meeting you again!

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