Dolphin Discovery running race 8.0

Dolphin Discovery running race 8.0

This past sunday 31, the Eight Dolphin Discovery running race took place at Puerto Aventuras, organized by “Fundación Dolphin Discovery” leadered by Bibiana Alvarez. She who worked hand by hand with “Transformar Educando” and managed to collect more than 85 thousand pesos which will be used for the construction of a multipurpose park in the town of Puerto Aventuras.

It is worth to mention that there were more than 500 runners who gathered last Sunday at 8am with an energetic and winning attitude, but mostly willing to contribute their bit in this noble cause.

With distances from 400 meters for the smallest and up to 10km for the experts, a homely atmosphere was felt by everyone. In addition, there were more than 50 thousand pesos in prizes from the distinguished sponsors.

This race had different categories. 10 km for men and women, Master for people between 40 and 49 years old and Veterans for people above 50 years old in which Guadalupe Meza Maldonado made a surprisingly time of 51 minutes. Among the little ones, María José Frías Santos and Charlie León Flores shined as they made less than 4 minutes.

Besides participating and supporting a community of scarce resource, all attendees had the opportunity to  meet the professional runner Isis Breiter who was noted by her presence and charisma during the award ceremony.

A race full of fun, support and good wishes to change the world one community at a time was made with success. Furthermore, we are confident that the next year there will be more surprises and more people will support another good cause.

Cassandra De Pecol visited Dolphin Discovery

Cassandra De Pecol visited Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery recently had the honor of having a very special guest, Cassandra De Pecol, a young woman that a year ago aims to travel and see the world promoting her strongest ideals, “Tourism promotes peace.”

Cassandra De Pecol says that knowing other cities in the way that you do when you travel, without prejudice, get to know the true essence of the country, the warmth of its people and the diversity it has to offer. She also proposes that if instead only heard what the media reflect we will have a vision of a totally alien to us person.

That way, on her 25 birthday she realized this problem and decided to take actions, got Sponsors and she created a project named “Expedition 196”  to spread her vision of promoting peace through tourism planting a tree in each country she visited, also attending and giving conferences at universities and colleges students mostly from Tourism Career.

For this purpose she visited Cancun Mexico on Wednesday February 27 2016 to promote their views and experiences at Anahuac University, and also visited the Isla Mujeres location, being amazed by the great work we do there. Toured the facility and got a totally different point of dolphins born under human care.

Between adventure, tenderness and curiosity, Cassie was guided by the social network’s team of Dolphin Discovery during his tour, a tool that she think is the strongest to promote peace in the world thanks to the immediacy and versatility of social networks.

We love meeting new friends and hope that Cassie comes back soon. Yey!

Welcome Dolphin Cove Cayman to our family

Welcome Dolphin Cove Cayman to our family

We are thrilled to announce that Dolphin Discovery Cayman completed the acquisition of Dolphin Cove Cayman, a  beautiful marine park that began operations in 2008 which is visited by locals and tourist, wishing to have a unique experience of swimming with dolphins.

In addition to the dolphin interactive program Dolphin Cove also offers a “Nature Trail”, which is a tour where you can see and learn about exotic tropical birds including mecaws, caclatoos and parakeets, as well as visit the world famous ” “, in boats that conveniently depart from their private dock at Dolphin Cove.

“We are really proud to add Dolphin Cove Cayman, as a part of offing which will allow us consolidate our service in one of the most beautiful and visited places in the Caribbean: The Cayman Islands”, said Eduardo Albor, Dolphin Discovery President and CEO.

Meanwhile Stafford Burrowes, Dolphin Cove Cayman Founder commented:

“Dolphin Cove started operations in Ocho Rios Jamaica in 2001, and we started in Cayman in 2008 because we knew that this destination had great potential in the tourism sector and that the dolphinarium would be a key attraction for their visitors. Last month, we sold a majority stake of Dolphin Cove Jamaica to Dolphin Discovery and we then took the decision to sell, Dolphin Cove Cayman, to Dolphin Discovery Cayman.  This acquisition will allow consolidation of this dolphinarium as part of the leading company in swimming with dolphins programs worldwide.”

About Dolphin Cove Cayman

With more than 40 employees, most of them locals, Dolphin Cove Cayman is located in Grand Cayman Island in a natural environment facing the ocean and is home of 6 dolphins. From 2008 to day, the dolphinarium have received more than   300,000 visitors.

Let’s Party at Punta Cana!

Let’s Party at Punta Cana!

We are extremely happy to celebrate with all our Dolphin Discovery family our first year in Punta Cana at the Dominican Republic.

Yes, as you read it! We are celebrating our first 12 months at Punta Cana. One year has passed since this beautiful location welcomed us and gave a home to our beloved dolphins.

At Dolphin Discovery Punta Cana you will enjoy great adventures and share amazing moments with our friendly mammals. Throughout this great year we have accomplished to have three different activities for all our guests.

The first program is Dolphin Encounter. Your kids will enjoy great and safety activities as there is a platform where everyone stands-on while dolphins approach. There, our playful mammals give you a handshake, a kiss, and a hug. You will also have a chance to pet them… It will be a memorable experience!

The second one is called Dolphin Swim Adventure. If swimming with dolphins has been one of your greatest desires, come and make your dream come true! Our dolphins will welcome you with a tender kiss. Then they will snuggle with you, do aerial acrobatics for you, and finish off with an exhilarating Boogie Push, where the dolphin will push you across the water surface while you ride a boogie board. Awesome, isn’t it?

Moreover, if you have an adventurer spirit and you are seeking for adrenaline, you should take the Dolphin Royal Swim. You will get a kiss, a hug and a “handshake” by our adorable dolphins, also you will have the opportunity to make the dorsal tow and… The the famous foot push! Sounds like fun, don’t you think so?

It is noteworthy that Dolphin Discovery Punta Cana was designed to take care of our adorable mammals; so all our guests can enjoy unforgettable moments over the years.

We promise you, we’ll keep growing to provide you even more great experiences and we hope to have more “happy birthdays” in this beautiful town.


Cabo: an amazing vacation place, all inclusive

Cabo: an amazing vacation place, all inclusive

A perfect weather, filled with beauty and biodiversity, this is Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Cities full of activities for the whole family, including the best Dolphin Discovery experience in the beautiful Marina Puerto Los Cabos.

In Los Cabos, there’s so many things to do, such as diving, fishing, surfing and kayaking. Let’s not forget there is also more than 7,000 square meters of ocean space to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat and incredible whale watching.

Located just 25 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas at Baja California Sur, Dolphin Discovery now offers All inclusive programs, where you’ll find a great variety of activities, such as swimming with dolphins, whale watching, snorkeling, camel rides and more!

That’s right, in Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos, we invite you to explore and walk on our stunning beaches, live a unique experience with our marine mammals, ride a camel in our Camel Trek program or navigate the waters with our Ocean Riders tour. All this, accompanied with delicious food and refreshing drinks in our national open bar.

Enjoy the botanical garden in our park named Wirikuta, where there are more than 1,500 different types of cactus from the largest deserts in the world and let yourself be amazed with the 3 beautiful pyramids that you will find just 25 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas.

Los Cabos: a magical place full of wonders, surprises and never ending fun.

‪#‎CreatureFeatureThursday‬ in #‎OurWorldOceans from AMMPA

Today is ‪#‎CreatureFeatureThursday‬ in ‎#OurWorldOceans‬ and we’d like to tell you a bit about the sea stars that share the same ecosystem with the dolphins, in the wild as well as in the Dolphin Discovery facilites, just like this one in Cayman Island.

Did you know that the sea stars has an eye at the tip of each arm? Also it turns its stomach inside out and brings it out through its mouth.  This wraps its stomach around the food and pulls it back inside after the food is digested.
Another interesting fact is that a sea stars can grow a whole new body from just one arm.

Unfortunatelly the population of the sea stars are devastated by wasting disease (SSWD-Sea Star Wasting Syndrome) on the west coast from Alaska to Southern California over the past year.

There is evidence that there is an infectious cause that may be either primary or secondary. SSWD appears to be transmissible between individuals and between susceptible sea star species. Given the current situation, it is recommended that acquisition of sea stars from known areas impacted by SSWD be avoided.


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