Barbara Bermudo in Dolphin Discovery Cancun

Barbara Bermudo in Dolphin Discovery Cancun

Barbara Bermudo,  Tv Host/Journalist from Univision and “Primer Impacto” presenter , visited Dolphin Discovery Cancun in Moon Palace for a day full of fun and learning about marine mammals.

Barbara and her lovely girls, Mia and Camila, did Royal Swim program that includes hugs, kisses and foot push.

We hope to see you around, Barbara! We loved to have you here 😀

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders photo shoot at Garrafon Park

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders photo shoot at Garrafon Park

Last week Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders visited Garrafon Park for a photo shoot that will be shown on their next season calendar.

They were shooting in beautiful locations with amazing views. Caribbean sea was the perfect scenario for this production where Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders looked stunning.

Dolphin Discovery Group brings “One World Futbol Project” to Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo

Dolphin Discovery Group brings “One World Futbol Project” to Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo

222,000 Kids in 1,600 Communities Will Benefit From the Campaign in the Yucatan Peninsula

New York, January 15,2014 – Dolphin Discovery Group, the largest group of dolphinariums in the world, will incorporate the Mexican State of Quintana Roo to the “One World Futbol Project” when their members distribute soccer balls to the communities surrounding their Isla Mujeres facilities today.

Launched in Mexico last September 2013, singer Sting and the initiative’s creator, Timothy Jeninger, OWFP aims to provide children of impoverished communities with one of the basic toys in the world – a soccer ball. Backed by private companies and government authorities, the kids of the states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan will receive a total of 11,000 soccer balls by October of this year throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

Dolphin Discovery Group’s social responsibility initiatives have provided real results to its surrounding communities. In the past 3 years, more than 10,000 children have learned about sea life and swam with their dolphins. Its veterinarians were also credited with saving an endangered dolphin that lost its way and was caught in the reefs that surround Isla Mujeres this past November.

A Miracle Named Steno

A Miracle Named Steno

steno-liberacionDolphin Discovery rescued a dolphin in a critical state off the coast of Cancun, after one month of medical care she has been returned to the sea.
August 12, 2013 at 2 a.m., the Dolphin Discovery rescue team received a call from the authorities of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) about a dolphin on the rocks of a beach in Cancun in a very weak state, yet still alive. The fire department’s rescue team got the dolphin off the rocks and onto a stretcher until professional assistance could arrive.
The Dolphin Discovery veterinary team lead by Dr. Roberto Sanchez Okrucky and the trainers under the direction of Edgar Urbina arrived in the middle of the night to help the animal that was in a critical state. The dolphin was a female around 15 years old of age and from the species steno bredanensis, not very commonly seen through the Cancun waters. In a joint decision with the authorities, it was decided to transfer the female to the Turtle Farm on Isla Mujeres using the Dolphin Discovery boats.
The possibility of placing the rescued dolphin with the other dolphins located in Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres was almost zero, for the rescue protocols are very strict and there was a big chance of Steno having a viral and contagious illness. The risk of zoonosis and infection of the 22 dolphins in Isla Mujeres was too high.

The Turtle Farm has the function of a quarantine location, with a large area and quick access for the veterinarians and trainers, respecting the natural environment of the animals. The first moments of the dolphin’s arrival were not good, she sank, and was barely breathing, she rolled on her side and required human assistance to swim. Thanks to the medical team and intense treatments in her first hours of rescue, she was able to stabilize and swim on her own, though very slowly.
The following 10 days were full of constant medical testing; ultrasounds, daily blood samples, stomach content analysis, respiratory cultures, parasitology tests, all possible human and economic effort to determine the cause of the dolphin’s stranding. Her appetite for fish was good and the trainers and veterinarians took care of her 24 hours a day in a protective manner, without entering the water so she would not get accustomed to a human presence.
It was determined that she was suffering from acute hepatic cirrhosis, the liver was badly damaged. Her diet was modified to soft solids, mostly squid which has a high water content and capelin which contains water and fiber. Eliminating fats from her diet was the first step in her treatment and recuperation from her disease.
After 20 days her behaviors returned to almost normal, her swimming speed increased with more strength, her breathing became slower and stronger…we were beginning to see a light in the journey. Finally, after one month of treatment and constant communication with PROFEPA regarding the status of her health, a joint decision was made that she was ready to be liberated to continue her natural course.
From the first day, the intentions of Dolphin Discovery and PROFEPA were to rehabilitate and liberate this dolphin, it was not the first time both institutions have worked together and we will continue to do so for the well-being of the animals. On some occasions the rescued animals are not candidates to be returned to the wild because of their critical state or there is nowhere to free them, as in the case of the one day old manatee rescued in 2009 who was rehabilitated and relocated to a natural environment in Dolphin Discovery Puerto Aventuras where it is thriving along with 6 other manatees without a problem.

The case of Steno the dolphin’s recovery is rare, the majority of beached dolphins are found dead or close to it, being dragged along the coast by the currents. That was not the case this time as our friend had the good fortune to be aided by a professional human team with 18 years of experience in veterinary medicine and training of marine mammals, she was given a second chance of life.


Dolphin Discovery released the rescued dolphin at Cancun

Dolphin Discovery released the rescued dolphin at Cancun

Today, Dolphin Discovery along with the relevant authorities released in the ocean the dolphin rescued last August 13th at Cancun.


Our team of veterinarians, in conjunction with agencies and companies involved worked four arduous weeks giving medical care 24 hours a day to Dolphin, which was reversed significantly the chronic liver disease that caused the stranding.


The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), was in charge of all rescue efforts, transportation and release, and arranged the stay of the dolphin for these four weeks at the Turtle Farm in Isla Mujeres.


Meanwhile, Dolphin Discovery veterinarians oversaw the health and behavior of the dolphin.

This actions demostrate the commitment that we have in Mexico for the preservation of this specie.

We are very proud for helping in this wonderful and noble cause!

Dolphin Swim Adventure: Love at First Belly Ride

Dolphin Swim Adventure: Love at First Belly Ride

Marina Aquatours Cancun

From the moment we arrived at Marina Aquatours in Cancun for our day of adventure at Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres, my guys were simply quite giddy. Full of energy and bouncing around the docks, pointing out fishies and eager to board the ferry. I was pretty excited myself, swimming with dolphins with my beau the first-timer and sharing the swim adventure with my now “big boy” son. My job has given me the good fortune to swim with dolphins many times, but it never loses the thrill and it’s always a joy to watch the faces of those meeting dolphin friends for the first time.

Ferry to Isla Mujeres

The ferry ride through the lagoon was spent teaching my son about conservation of the mangroves and enjoying a light breakfast and lots of coffee. I could feel the sense of excitement from the tourists, listening to the buzz of their conversations in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, a very international group of visitors all about to live a dream. When the ferry went under the bridge and past the pirate ships, there was a collective gasp as we entered the crystal turquoise-coloured waters that still take my breath away even after almost a decade of living in Cancun.

Dolphin Discovery Leap Isla Mujeres

We arrived on Isla Mujeres and there they were, the gorgeous dolphins greeting guests with high-flying leaps and casual swim-bys. For once I wasn’t looking at them, I was watching the face of my guy as he saw them for the very first time. Eyes wide, jaw dropped, a look of pure awe, his adult face lit up like a kid at Christmas. My son was leaping almost as high as the dolphins, this was not his first time at Dolphin Discovery and he considers himself an expert, but it sure didn’t curb his excitement.

Dolphin ball game

We got our lockers, donned our life-jackets, listened attentively to the orientation and then it was time for the main event. We walked past the funny sea lions, alongside the manatee area, waved to the newborn dolphin and her mama Olimpia and on to our spot on the dock. Our fabulously friendly and knowledgeable trainer introduced us to our dolphins, handsome Jupiter and the beautiful Madonna who was 5 months pregnant! We said hello, stroked their smooth skin as they swam by, danced with them, played a little ball and shared a fishy kiss. For my beau who was doing this first for the first time, it was a phenomenal occasion, his face lit up, eyes aglow and a gigantic smile on his face. My son was giggling, speaking to the dolphins in baby-talk and asking a million questions to the trainer.

Dolphin Discovery Boogie Push

Then came the adrenaline, the big moves, the ACTION! My little guy had done the dolphin encounter many times, but he was finally ready to do the “big kid” swim adventure with the belly ride and the boogie push. We helped him swim out, gave him clear instructions on what to do and then watched him fly through the water on the boogie board being propelled by the dolphins, smile so wide he could have swallowed half the ocean! The guests in our group laughed and applauded for him, such a little guy and such a big adventure. My beau was simply over the moon, watching him do the belly ride was my favourite moment of the day, flying through the water and laughing all the way.

Dolphin love on Isla Mujeres

We said our goodbyes to Jupiter and Madonna (wishing her well with her upcoming baby) and made our way out of the water. It was a spectacular day for all of us, my beau lived a dream, my son became a “big kid” and I had the joy of sharing my love for dolphins with them both.

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