Dolphins in Florida, a great adventure!

Dolphins in Florida, a great adventure!

The Florida state is located at the southeastern region of the United States right in the Mexican Gulf. It is one of the top destinations because of the touristic attractions that are offered, the beautiful beaches and of course the variety of marine animals that live in that area such as the bottlenose dolphins.

One of the main attractions in Florida are the theme parks, there are many different type of parks but one of the most populars are the marine ones like Gulf World Marine Park, where you can not only see the animals in their habitats, you can also create a bond of love and respect through the interaction experience such as swimming with dolphins.

Kids swimming with Dolphins in Florida

Swimming with Dolphins in Florida

So, if you are wondering where to swim with dolphins in Florida and what other interactions can you  experience, this article would be very useful for you!

Gulf World is the best place to see dolphins in Florida, located in Panama City Beach just in the Northwest Florida´s Emerald coast (must known because the fishing and the water sports), perfect location and weather to enjoy variety of marine species and learn more about them with your friends and family.

This amazing marine park offers wide interactive programs with different species such as dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, sharks and other animals where you’ll learn how to protect the environment in our everyday lives.

Other great thing about this park is that they also offer daily shows in different hours for all the family to enjoy like: the bottle nosed dolphins, sea lions and rough toothed dolphins, feather & friends, stingray feed, coral reef chat, shark and turtle feeding, among others.

In Gulf World Marine Park we have three different swimming with dolphins programs that goes between 30 and 45 minutes and each of this four programs include different activities with the dolphins.

Most people think that this interactions programs are very expensive, but the reality of how much is it to swim with dolphins in Florida it’s really payable, if you want to check out the prices go to this link and find out ➡️

So if one of your 2017 wishes will be to swim with dolphins, you should definitely start planning your next vacation to Florida and cross that from your bucket list.

Marine ecosystems: Learn about the ocean!

Marine ecosystems: Learn about the ocean!

Tursi, the bottlenose dolphin, Pinni, the sea lion and Mydas, the green sea turtle learn about the value of teamwork and friendship as they deal with the dangerous problem of plastics in the ocean. When one of them becomes entangled in plastic debris, the trio must embark on a journey to find a solution before it is too late. On the way, they encounter other ocean creatures whose lives are also endangered by plastics in the ocean. Where is all this plastic coming from? Will they find help in time?
The drawing of a turtle illustrated by Noel Kassewitz.

Turtle illustrated by Noel Kassewitz.


The book is titled The Ocean Adventures of  Pinni, Tursi & Mydas” and is written by Donna Kassewitz and illustrated by Noel Kassewitz.

Help empower kids to be environmental stewards by gifting this book among family and friends, and buying an extra copy to donate to your local elementary school or library. The colorful characters in this story will inspire hearts and minds both in the classroom and at home!




Drawing by Noel Kassewitz.

Illustration by Noel Kassewitz.

HOW it came about….

This book came about because we received many emails from elementary school teachers requesting educational tools about ocean trash for their classrooms.  It was encouraging that so many teachers wanted to share this important environmental message with their students, so we decided to create this book as an interactive resource to meet this need.




With the assistance of an expert education consultant, the book includes many Teaching & Sharing Activities and Project Ideas to meet a variety of educational goals, as well as foster lively discussions about this topic.

All proceeds from this book go towards funding dolphin communication research, so that someday soon the dolphins can teach us what they know about healthy oceans.

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Five Fantastic Dolphins’ Facts, discover them!

Five Fantastic Dolphins’ Facts, discover them!

Dolphins are extremely intelligent, and they interact with humans since their existence is known, we love this amazing marine mammals and everything about them, we can not stop discovering new and amazing dolphins’ facts everyday.

If you love dolphins as much as we do, keep reading this post and get to know some interesting things about dolphins that you may not know:

  1. Did you know? There are 43 species of dolphins found in the world and most of them live in saltwater but there are some that are able to do well in the freshwater locations.
  2. One of the most interesting facts about dolphins is that they communicate through sounds and whistles each other, as dolphins don’t have vocal chords they have a particular whistle to identify from the other ones,  and also can use dance and jumps to communicate.
  3. Dolphins use an advance system of echolocation to find objects and food, this means that they have the ability of see with sounds, but how does this work? The answer is simple! Dolphins make sounds like clicks that travel fast in water and this sounds bounce off on objects they return to the dolphins as echoes. This allows them to identify where objects or food are located and even they can get information about shape and size, interesting, isn’t it?
  4. To prevent drowning while sleeping only half of the dolphin’s brain goes to sleep while the other half remains awake so they can continue to breathe. Do they get enough rest?
  5. Have you wonder why are dolphins so soft?

Dolphin’s skin is smooth it feels like rubber when you touch it. They don’t have any sweat glands or hair on the body. The outer layer of the skin is anywhere from 10 to 20 times thicker than that of terrestrial mammals and dolphin skin constantly flakes and peels as new skin cells replace old cells. That explains why they are soft when you touch them.

Now that you know all this facts and information about dolphins you are an expert on marine mammals! Visit us at Dolphin Discovery where you can have the opportunity to interact with this beautiful species, learn even more about them and discover why we love the so much.

Dolphin Discovery 10, 000 smiles

Dolphin Discovery 10, 000 smiles

Nothing can be compared to the innocence of a child and the joy that is reflected when they smile, this is why Dolphin Discovery tries to ensure the happiness of the Mexican kids.

10,000 smiles is a program that raises funds near the Children’s Day to support different foundations in favor of children in Mexico. Since 3 years, this program has been performed with great success, and each year we innovate with different dynamics of donations.

Every edition of the program has managed to support various foundations such as DIF and ADANEC Foundation. Both, with their great altruistic work, are always willing to help children in need.  

In 2014 the Foundation “Nobody gives up”, which treats kids with cancer, was chosen to receive the donation collected in this program. Moreover, in 2015, thanks to 10,000 smiles donation of 850,000 pesos, poor children with heart alterations were put in touch with ADANEC Foundation, having a total of 10 successful surgeries.

With this and many other actions, Dolphin Discovery reaffirms its commitment to the community, and with Dolphin Discovery Foundation helps to improve the quality of the life of Mexican children.

Congratulations Dolphin Discovery!

Thank you! #10MilSonrisas

Thank you! #10MilSonrisas

How incredibly fast time goes by, it seems like yesterday when the first edition of our project #10MilSonrisas was taking place. Back then we donated 5,000 swim with dolphins programs to Mexican children who donated 5,000 toys to give-away on April the 30th –Mexican Child Day— to little children in despair or in a state of vulnerability.

Now, of course, we had overcome expectations; 10,000 is only a number because reality represents much more than that, like the happiness of thousands of people involved in this beautiful event: children, parents, Dolphin Discovery collaborators’, communication media and the community in general. There were a lot of people happily helping.

This year we aggregate something else to #10MilSonrisas, over the swim with dolphins program in exchange of toys we also decided to support the nonprofit association “Aqui Nadie Se Rinde”, who every single day puts the most significant effort fighting against pediatric cancer. We are donating about 1.5 million—Mexican pesos— to that nonprofit association. On this manner and with your help we’re bringing happiness to a lot of people.

On April 26, we received thousands of kids in our Dolphin Discovery locations. The kids that had donated a toy had swum with dolphins and had a fun-fulfilled activities day. Activities like: ecology talks, face-painting, the clowns show, Sea Lions and manatees talks, just to name a few. We are really glad of seeing people’s participation and we are looking forward for having them and you again next year for making #10MilSonrisas the Happiest Event of the year.

Haiti children receive donated toys

Haiti children receive donated toys

On April 28, we celebrated Children’s Day at Dolphin Discovery through the #DiezMilSonrisas campaign, in which hundreds of children participated by donating a toy in all our locations; in return, they would receive a dolphin swim.

The time to bring a smile to hundreds of children in vulnerable situations has come, so it was turn to donate Dolphin Discovery Tortola’s toys to orphanage “Harmony House”, located in Haiti.

All Dolphin Discovery Tortola‘s team was in charge of doing this work, especially the training staff, who tirelessly supported this campaign from the begining till the end.

Well done, Dolphin Discovery Tortola!

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