Britannic Virgin Islands Destinations: a must visit

Britannic Virgin Islands Destinations: a must visit

Looking at the paradisiacal Britannic Virgin Islands is all about discovering the real beauty of this volcanic archipelago. This group of four islands is lead by Virgina Gorda that has natural granite pillars, followed by the adventurous Tortola, the spiritual Jost Van Dyke and last but not least the Anegada perfection.

Virgina Gorda its an eight and a half square mile island that surprises their visitors with its yacht clubs, quiet coves, safe harbors and luxury resorts and villas. This island is surrounded by natural beauty, trails covered with plants, natural sanctuaries and protected national parks. As every touristic destination it has a must to do list that includes one of the greatest panoramic views at the Gorda Peak and of course the famous Baths, located in the north shore of the island.

Here is a little tip for you: get there before the cruise passengers do (they get there around 10am), so you can have a perfect spot to enjoy the sea view. Just after visiting the baths you can go to one of the unspoiled beaches like Savannah or Spring Bay.

Tortola, the capital of the Britannic Virgin Islands, with powdery white sand beaches like Apple or Brewers Bay and green mountains, is the largest island of all. If you´re more into water sports or fishing be sure not to miss the protected anchorages of Brandy Wine Bay and the surfing Cane Garden Bay.

Of course don’t forget to visit us at Dolphin Discovery in Tortola, where you’ll have a blast swimming with dolphins and at the same time making exciting activities like getting a really fast ride from a dolphin or pushing your feet from the water surface . Dolphin Discovery its a great place to enjoy with your family, friends and, why not, by yourself.

To enjoy all the activities that Tortola has for you and your loved ones, the island offers a wide variety of places to stay, from luxury resorts and private villas to camping spots.

Jost Van Dyke, with only four miles of length is the smallest island of the group but also the perfect combination for young visitors. Exploring the vegetation-covered sugar mill ruins, the natural sea-formed jacuzzi and the old trails are just some of the activities for the brave ones, and for the ones that like more tranquil stuff you can enjoy observing the whales and dolphins on its natural habitat.

The culinary culture is also pretty spectacular, there are many great local places were you can try flying fish sandwiches and fresh grilled lobsters… YUUMMY!! Other great things about this island are the famous yacht parties they throw on Halloween and New Years Eve, so if you are kind of a party animal now you know know when its the perfect time to visit the Britannic Virgin Islands.

The last but not least awesome island is Anegada, which is the perfect spot for the people that are fearless to explore the ocean and make activities like snorkeling and scuba diving where there can discover their beautiful coral reefs that is the home of sting rays and awesome fish species like the needle, bone and parrot fish.

So it doesn´t matter how you decide to get to the BVI meaning by plane or cruise and who are you traveling with, just go, take tons of pictures, enjoy your visit, try new culinary stuff and have a blast!!!

Melissa: a mermaid with a message to share

Melissa: a mermaid with a message to share

Characterized by its beauty and melodious voice, this mythological creature swam from the depths of the sea to teach people how to protect the marine life. The story of Mermaid Melissa begins like this…

Mermaid Melissa made ​​her way as speaker of the aquatic ecosystem since childhood. Originally from Saint Augustine, Florida, Melissa has always had a close relationship with the sea; she was a surfer since a little girl and when she grew up, she decided to search for a water related job.

From different marine shows to become a professional diver, the young entrepreneur went to seek an aquatic career. Achieving to hold her breath for five minutes, Melissa became the protective mermaid of this blue planet.

By sea or by land, the little mermaid has traveled the world spreading her love for the marine life with a somewhat magical message: “Save the oceans before all creatures become mythical”.

By 2016, we have seen this beautiful mermaid in Australia, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, among other locations. Remarkably, Melissa visited Dolphin Discovery Cozumel, where she had a wonderful meeting with dolphins, making it clear that she is one more voice of the marine species.

If you’re looking to see her in action, you can find the adventures of Mermaid Melissa swimming here.

An unforgettable surprise

An unforgettable surprise

It was a sunny and perfect day for an adventure, Grace Ann finally was going to fulfill her dream of swimming with dolphins, while Odale, her boyfriend, had in mind a surprise that she would never forget, but no one really knew how the plans of a man in love would end.

Years ago, Grace Ann and Odale met while attending college. Sometimes, they would find each other by chance, walking at the same time through the halls of Northem Caribbean University, since then, he felt something special for that girl who smiled as she passed by.

The years passed but he never had the courage to approach and talk to her. After finishing his degree, Odale left the school while Grace Ann stayed to continue her studies and then work for the university.

Fate was responsible for giving them a second chance. This time they were united to have a great friendship that little by little, turned into a beautiful love relationship. They were madly in love with each other.

Four years after the first look, there he was, thinking of the ideal way to ask Grace Ann to spend the rest of their days side by side. One of her greatest dreams was to get close enough to dolphins, so Odale knew that, instead of a classic dinner, an encounter with these beautiful creatures would be suitable for asking her hand in marriage.

It was through a Facebook’s message that Dolphin Discovery got to know about this situation. Odale contacted to ask if it was possible to arrange a marriage proposal in one of the locations, and of course everyone got excited and wanted to participate.

So everything was arranged for June 19th. Grace and Odale reached one of the locations in Grand Cayman. That morning, nervous and very excited, he kept in a backpack a “Will you marry me?” sign, and the engagement ring.

When the time came, Grace Ann was very happy to swim with dolphins. So the program went on, and Odale went first to do the foot push, as he knew that he had to be on the shore to prepare everything for the big surprise.

Everything was ready, for Grace would have the experience of her life. While she was racing on the water with the help of the dolphins, she saw her boyfriend on the shore with a sign asking her to marry him. When she reached the shore, Odale took her hand and showed her the engagement ring. Then the words just came out of his mouth: “would you marry me?”

Grace Ann knew it would be a day full of adventure and excitement, but she never imagined that morning telling the love of her life “Yes, I will marry you” while dolphins jumping and playing with them. It was then, that Odale and Grace Ann had an experience that united their lives.



Mexico has a great variety of endemic species, meaning that they can only be found in natural regions of the country, as is the Vaquita.

It’s time to raise awareness, the vaquita is in real danger at the point of asking if there is a future for this species. According to experts, yes, the vaquita still has an opportunity. With various measures that the government, authorities and NGOs have implemented, there is an encouraging future for this species.

This species is one of the smallest cetaceans in the world, which can grow to about 1.50m and often find their food near the lagoons. These small species use sharp sounds to communicate with each other, and usually swim and feed at a leisurely pace.

They are the only species of porpoise that lives in warm waters, it is why can be found them in the upper Gulf of California. Today we are in a constant struggle to keep the last copies of the vaquita, as it currently is the most endangered marine mammal, relying solely on an estimated population of 60 individuals!

Now, do you want to know what is the main cause of the extinction of the vaquita? The answer is very simple: illegal Totoaba fishing that, like the vaquita, is an endemic species of the Upper Gulf of California.

The Totoaba is considered banned from fishing since 1975 and its sale was prohibited in 1977. However the commercialization of this species is a very lucrative business, especially for the Chinese market, who can expect to pay thousands of dollars for a Totoaba dish, causing its high smuggling despite the measures taken.

The immoderate fishing increase of the Totoaba, plus the damage of the ecosystem when placing fishing nets, causes the death of the vaquita.

If you want to know more about the vaquita, we invite you to watch this documentary.

Discover the perfect place to have fun: Puerto Aventuras!

Discover the perfect place to have fun: Puerto Aventuras!

Sun, sea and adventure is all you need to cool this summer. Imagine traveling to a heavenly place where all you have to worry about is how to have fun, any place in your mind? That’s right, Puerto Aventuras!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras hotel is an excellent choice for the whole family. Children will have fun in a big way and the big ones will act like children. Enjoy recreational activities, the elegant rooms and a have a relaxing day at the spa.

But that is not all! Hop on a kayak and enjoy a magical experience with the dolphins which you can see while doing this fun activity. If you have a more adventurous style, you can swim with this beautiful species, with funny sea lions and with the manatees. Yes, all in the same place!

And if that is not enough, we encourage you to visit the most complete marine of the Mayan Riviera and ship on a catamaran cruise. You will get to know everything about Puerto Aventuras and you will be able to snorkel and discover an underwater world. The reef will fill your panorama with its beautiful colors.

Hey! the fun is not over yet … Put on your best clothes and get ready to enjoy the nightlife, as you all know, the night is young. Go visit the bars and restaurants that will make your evening more enjoyable.

Stay awake and admire the sunrise while your eyes are filled with warm and beautiful tones.

So now you know, if you want an unforgettable holiday visit Puerto Aventuras.

Stars of the NBA swam with us!

Stars of the NBA swam with us!

Boban Marjanovic and Matt Bonner are well know as players of the NBA from San Antonio Spurs. The Serbian professional basketball and the two time NBA champion had a blast swimming with dolphins.

Dolphin Cove Moon Palace had the pleasure to welcome this two great players who enjoyed the beautiful Jamaican island. While they were in their trip, they had the amazing opportunity to swim with this wonderful species.

They had a great time with their families and their new dolphins friends. We hope to see them back soon, so they can enjoy this experience of a lifetime again!

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