Looking at the paradisiacal Britannic Virgin Islands is all about discovering the real beauty of this volcanic archipelago. This group of four islands is lead by Virgina Gorda that has natural granite pillars, followed by the adventurous Tortola, the spiritual Jost Van Dyke and last but not least the Anegada perfection.

Virgina Gorda its an eight and a half square mile island that surprises their visitors with its yacht clubs, quiet coves, safe harbors and luxury resorts and villas. This island is surrounded by natural beauty, trails covered with plants, natural sanctuaries and protected national parks. As every touristic destination it has a must to do list that includes one of the greatest panoramic views at the Gorda Peak and of course the famous Baths, located in the north shore of the island.

Here is a little tip for you: get there before the cruise passengers do (they get there around 10am), so you can have a perfect spot to enjoy the sea view. Just after visiting the baths you can go to one of the unspoiled beaches like Savannah or Spring Bay.

Tortola, the capital of the Britannic Virgin Islands, with powdery white sand beaches like Apple or Brewers Bay and green mountains, is the largest island of all. If you´re more into water sports or fishing be sure not to miss the protected anchorages of Brandy Wine Bay and the surfing Cane Garden Bay.

Of course don’t forget to visit us at Dolphin Discovery in Tortola, where you’ll have a blast swimming with dolphins and at the same time making exciting activities like getting a really fast ride from a dolphin or pushing your feet from the water surface . Dolphin Discovery its a great place to enjoy with your family, friends and, why not, by yourself.

To enjoy all the activities that Tortola has for you and your loved ones, the island offers a wide variety of places to stay, from luxury resorts and private villas to camping spots.

Jost Van Dyke, with only four miles of length is the smallest island of the group but also the perfect combination for young visitors. Exploring the vegetation-covered sugar mill ruins, the natural sea-formed jacuzzi and the old trails are just some of the activities for the brave ones, and for the ones that like more tranquil stuff you can enjoy observing the whales and dolphins on its natural habitat.

The culinary culture is also pretty spectacular, there are many great local places were you can try flying fish sandwiches and fresh grilled lobsters… YUUMMY!! Other great things about this island are the famous yacht parties they throw on Halloween and New Years Eve, so if you are kind of a party animal now you know know when its the perfect time to visit the Britannic Virgin Islands.

The last but not least awesome island is Anegada, which is the perfect spot for the people that are fearless to explore the ocean and make activities like snorkeling and scuba diving where there can discover their beautiful coral reefs that is the home of sting rays and awesome fish species like the needle, bone and parrot fish.

So it doesn´t matter how you decide to get to the BVI meaning by plane or cruise and who are you traveling with, just go, take tons of pictures, enjoy your visit, try new culinary stuff and have a blast!!!

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