Mexico has a great variety of endemic species, meaning that they can only be found in natural regions of the country, as is the Vaquita.

It’s time to raise awareness, the vaquita is in real danger at the point of asking if there is a future for this species. According to experts, yes, the vaquita still has an opportunity. With various measures that the government, authorities and NGOs have implemented, there is an encouraging future for this species.

This species is one of the smallest cetaceans in the world, which can grow to about 1.50m and often find their food near the lagoons. These small species use sharp sounds to communicate with each other, and usually swim and feed at a leisurely pace.

They are the only species of porpoise that lives in warm waters, it is why can be found them in the upper Gulf of California. Today we are in a constant struggle to keep the last copies of the vaquita, as it currently is the most endangered marine mammal, relying solely on an estimated population of 60 individuals!

Now, do you want to know what is the main cause of the extinction of the vaquita? The answer is very simple: illegal Totoaba fishing that, like the vaquita, is an endemic species of the Upper Gulf of California.

The Totoaba is considered banned from fishing since 1975 and its sale was prohibited in 1977. However the commercialization of this species is a very lucrative business, especially for the Chinese market, who can expect to pay thousands of dollars for a Totoaba dish, causing its high smuggling despite the measures taken.

The immoderate fishing increase of the Totoaba, plus the damage of the ecosystem when placing fishing nets, causes the death of the vaquita.

If you want to know more about the vaquita, we invite you to watch this documentary.

Dolphin Discovery welcomes Gulf World Marine Park

Dolphin Discovery welcomes Gulf World Marine Park

Dolphin Discovery celebrates Gulf World Marine Park’s integration to its family, located in the beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida. With this new acquisition Dolphin Discovery expanded to the United States and now has a total of 18 locations.

Gulf World, which was founded in 1969, has been an authorized aquarium to show different species such as dolphins and exotic birds. Gulf World also works as coordinator of Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums.

It is important to recognize  that Gulf World has been one of the most successful familiar attractions in the north of Florida; receiving 150 thousand visitors on the last year who are sure that they had lived one of the most incredible experiences ever: swimming and interacting with dolphins.

Now, we are happy to announce that Gulf World Marine Park will now have that  “Dolphin Discovery” special touch, being unique and incomparable in the Caribbean and all over the world. The different activities in the park will be renovated to create new and wonderful experiences.

The CEO of the park Ron Hardy said that he is happy to be part of the Dolphin Discovery family and recognized the standards of animal welfare and care in the company are the most responsible and successful according to the specialist in marine life. In addition he is confident and proud because all of his more than 30 dolphins, 70 birds and reptiles are now under care of Dolphin Discovery.

The integration of this  new park to the Dolphin Discovery family will bring wonderful adventures, a lot of laugh and maximum fun. Adventure will be in every corner: from swimming with dolphins and having fun with them to receiving a sweet kiss from Otto, a cute sea lion; your experience in Gulf World will be an unforgettable adventure.

Bravo Gulf World Marine Park and welcome to the Dolphin Discovery family!

Dolphin Discovery 10, 000 smiles

Dolphin Discovery 10, 000 smiles

Nothing can be compared to the innocence of a child and the joy that is reflected when they smile, this is why Dolphin Discovery tries to ensure the happiness of the Mexican kids.

10,000 smiles is a program that raises funds every year when the Children’s Day is close, to support different foundations in favor of children in Mexico. Since 3 years ago, this program has been performed with great success, and each year we innovate with different dynamics of donations.

Every edition of the program has managed to support several foundations such as DIF and ADANEC Foundation. Both, with their great altruistic work, are always willing to help children in need.

In 2014 the Foundation “Nobody gives up”, which treats kids with cancer, was chosen to receive the donation collected in this program. Moreover, in 2015, thanks to the10,000 smiles donation of 850,000 pesos, children of low economic resources with heart alterations were put in touch with ADANEC Foundation, having a total of 10 successful surgeries.

With this and many other actions, Dolphin Discovery reaffirms its commitment to the community, with Dolphin Discovery Foundation helping to improve the quality of life for the Mexican children.

Congratulations Dolphin Discovery!

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