Dolphins under human care

Dolphins under human care

We have heard a lot about dolphins under human care, however, do we really know what is this about?, Do we really know the dolphin needs?, Have we taken the time to investigate and analyze the benefits?

It is very important to know in detail this topic that has generated great debates and that has not been deepened to answer all the questions above.

That’s why you share important and realistic information about what are “DOLPHINS under human care.”


Dolphins eat 11 to 13 kilos of fish a day, a tenth of their body weight. When a dolphin is under human care, specialists take measurements and weight very often to generate a balanced and specific diet for the marine mammal.

Each dolphin has its own diet, which means they eat different amounts and types of fish a day. Everything depends on different aspects, if they need to gain weight, lose weight or if they get sick.

It is important to mention that the food is pre-selected, cleaned and disinfected to be in perfect condition when handed over to the dolphins.


The spaces where dolphins live are much larger than those that are dictated by law. These are pre-selected, reviewed and constantly monitored so that they are in perfect conditions.

Normally they are in natural areas, but when this is not possible, artificial habitats have been created so dolphins can live there. It is worth to mention that these habitats have all the terms and seawater so that they are in a comfortable environment.

In either case of habitats, they are always accompanied by other dolphins to live and wildlife.


Veterinarians and marine mammal specialists are not the only ones to help the dolphins. There is a very important part in the lives of these beautiful mammals and its… YOU! The dolphins are always learning from everything around them and love to have fun, play and interact with humans.

For dolphins, human interaction is very important as it becomes a routine that gives them sustenance and security.


For all the above, a dolphin is healthier, both mentally and psychologically, and that is summarized in a longer and better quality of life.

It is important to remember that in the wild dolphins seek their food, it is sometimes necessary to swim kilometers to find in that search may face other marine species that may damage them, and they would not have the medical care they require.

That is why when receiving a balanced diet, be monitored every day 24 hours, socialize with others of their own species and humans, and receive necessary medical care, gives them a better and longer life, reaching up to 50 years or more.

For more information we invite you to visit the site where you will find a list of MYTHS vs. FACTS of these mammals or live a closer experience in any of our dolphinariums.

Manatees Dorothy and Paul are parents!

Manatees Dorothy and Paul are parents!

Yes! Our favorite pair of manatees welcomes their first breeding at Dolphin Discovery.

On the night of March 20, Dorothy gave birth to a male manatee in Puerto Aventuras. Although we do not know yet the name of the new member of our Dolphin Discovery family, we know it is in perfect conditions and is accompanied by other baby manatees, Conchis and Clau.

baby manateeThe son of Dorothy and Paul is fed with breast milk every 30 minutes, so soon he will gain weight and may be the size of their parents. It is important to know that the gestation of manatees exceeds the year and that while female manatees are in this period they have to eat up to 60 kilos of lettuce a day, plus a varied diet of fruits and vegetables. Yes, they are so healthy!

Let’s remember the importance of this eighth manatee born under human care as it is an endangered species that requires a lot of care and love. That is why year after year, people from around the world come to meet manatees and to learn with them the risks that day to day they have to live, such as the mismanagement of natural water, trash in their habitat, etc.

15 years ago the government asked our help to rehabilitate 3 manatees that were in Tabasco, which they improved thanks to our program of veterinary medicine and care that our marine mammal specialists gave them.

Dorothy has just given us the best gift of all. Visit us and be part of the miracle, meet this healthy baby manatee at Puerto Aventuras.

World Water Day

World Water Day

On March 22 we celebrate the vital fluid of life, the largest element that our planet has: the water.

With over 70% of our planet covered by it and forming different oceans, lakes, rivers and streams, it is an essential element of our daily life, but did you know that only 2% of this liquid is drinkable? With more than 7 billion people in the world, it is a very small percentage.

That’s why in Dolphin Discovery Group we care for the conservation of the planet fluid. You can also join the #BlueTeam, it is very easy!

In order to conserve water we leave you some basic tips that will help keep the planet clean and pure for many generations:

  1. Shut off the water while you brush your teeth, wash your hands or dishes. Remember first is lather and then rinse.
  2.  If you see a water leak at home or on the street, do not hesitate to repair it. Drop by drop, the water runs out.
  3. The green gardens enchant us all, seeks to let fresh water in the afternoon, so the sun does not evaporate the water and plants can absorb more nutrients and we will use less liquid.
  4. When washing the car or bicycle, seeks to fill a bucket and use cloth and sponge. Wasting less water and more aid to the planet.
  5. Finally, teach children and adults to conserve water. Do not play with it or waste it. It is a vital liquid for life and which we want to last much longer.

Join the #BlueTeam pure and preserve our planet!

Dolphin Discovery’s youngest talent

Dolphin Discovery’s youngest talent

Dolphin Discovery is committed with the community and also aware of the idea that young adults are the present and the future of the country. For more than 4 years, the company has had a talent incubator program, which consists on incorporate university students at the workforce of the world’s largest dolphins family.

The program consists on recruiting young students for a part-time job, adapted to their school schedules to provide support in any department according to what they are studying. The company gives to the students transportation, meals, uniforms and, a monthly financial as well. If necessary they are helped with the release of their internships.

Dolphin Discovery Interns

Dolphin Discovery Interns

Dolphin Discovery Group works constantly to support talented young people; currently we have 22 students in different areas of the organization as well as on our different locations. They give us their support to different daily activities to make this company the best and largest in Latin America.

Talented young people who graduate from this great family get professional experience in the area in which they want to professionally develop themselves, giving them a great curricular value. Moreover, they have the opportunity to be incorporated a 100% to the Dolphin Discovery family in the future.

Now, if you want to be part of the #1 swimming with dolphins company, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be currently studying the third semester of your studies program.
  • Average grade of 8.
  • Advanced English.
  • Attitude and willingness to learn.

Do you want to be part of our family? Send your résumé to and

Come and be part of our family!

Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos celebrates 5 years!

Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos celebrates 5 years!

Dolphin Discovery Group was partying last February 12 celebrating five years in Los Cabos. With more than 450 guests, the celebration was filled with joy, smiles and surprises.

The party started with a photo shoot on the red carpet and then the guests were invited to enjoy various snacks and drinks. Among our guests were:

  • Lic. Daniel Uribe Tourism General Director of Los Cabos.
  • Prof. René Hernández Dir. Regional de la SEP.
  • Alfredo Sosa Artist.
  • ​Cuauhtémoc ​​Girón AMSTAR​ General Manager.
  • Jorge Chan Nexus General Sales Manager.
  • Carlos Luévanos Trafic Tours General Manager.
  • Jesús González Transcabo General Manager.
  • Efrén Archundia ​Locaciones street CSL General Promotor.
  • José Manuel Piña Grand Mayan Los Cabos MKT Manager.
  • América Olvera Hotel Beds Sales Manager.
  • Carolina Flores Gerente Villas del Palmar Referral Program Manager.
  • Zulema Navarro Coral Baja General Manager.
  • Alma Crystal Castillo Coral Baja Manager reception and activities desk.
  • Alejandro Flores Llaves de ​Oro ​​Palmilla Chief Concierges.
  • Ricardo Rico ​President of the Association of ​Concierge of Los Cabos.

The event began with some thankful words from the General and Commercial Management for these 5 years of support. Also, a recognition to Lic. Daniel Uribe, General Director of Tourism was made and who also directed a few words to the public.

In the same way, the “Dolphin Awards” were carried out, where recognition was handed to winners for their great work. Following this delivery, an incredible circus-like show began, which paid tribute to the highest grossing films in history, flooding the room with laughter and smiles.

We can say that the evening was a great success!  We thank all those who attended this amazing event and who have accompanied us over 5 years.

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